Stevo v. Brandon Link – UPDATE

There has been a lot of interest in this case, so I figured I would give Florida IP Trends readers an early Christmas present by uploading recent documents from the case.

A hearing was held in Miami yesterday, and it appears that Mr. Link/Lang was not in attendance.  In his absence, the judge granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) which essentially kills Mr. Lang as played by Mr. Link.  Oddly, the Motion for Temporary Restraining Order is sealed, so I’m unable to see the arguments and affidavit from Steve Budin that resulted in the judge granting the TRO.  There is a hearing set for December 30th to show cause on why a preliminary injunction should not be ordered.  A preliminary injunction would essentially extend the TRO so that the same prohibitions are in place during the case (i.e. Mr. Link is prohibited from using the BRANDON LANG trademark).

CLICK for Temporary Restraining Order details.

Note that this is not the end of the case.  The merits of the case have not even been addressed.  All of the activity thus far has been trying to stop Mr. Link from portraying himself as Mr. Lang while the case progresses.  An Answer hasn’t even been filed.

So, it will take more time to solve mystery of who signed the “Brandon Lang” consent statement in the trademark application.  (Which, coincidentally, was signed 3 years ago this Sunday.)

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