Professor Eric Goldman’s wife needs your attention

Anyone who practices in the field of “Internet Law” knows who Eric Goldman is.  I’m not the only one who religiously devours his Technology and Marketing Law blog, and I suspect that I’m also not the only attorney who finds his analysis of topics such as Section 230, the TCPA, and other “techie” issues to be quite valuable in my law practice.

He posted today, but it wasn’t about CAN-SPAM or whether or not a plaintiff might have a valid trespass to chattels claim based on alleged harm to a server.  No, today he posted about his family.  Specifically, his wife Lisa’s shocking lung cancer diagnosis.

I encourage you to read his post, and to also read Lisa’s blog as she tries to make sense of her condition while also spreading the word that lung cancer is not only a smokers’ disease.  As she said, “lung cancer can strike anyone with lungs.”  My cousin, Josh, died from colon cancer last year at 37 years old.  Lisa is 41.

Eric’s post:

Lisa’s Blog: