Floridians still 3rd most active TM filers, but volume is down

The USPTO just issued their Performance and Accountability Report for Fiscal Year 2009.  (The trademark statistic tables start on page 126 of the Report.)

I previously posted the FY2008  statistics for Floridians filing trademark applications, and here’s the update.:

California 58,643  (2008 was 68,039)
New York 28,383  (2008 was 31,965)
Florida 18,730  (2008 was 21,973)
Texas 15,933  (2008 was 17,258)

Overall, U.S. residents filed 274,603 trademark applications in FY2009 (2008 was 314,510).

This looks like a pretty substantial decrease, and I think the logical reason points to the economy.

BONUS FACT:  Can you guess which foreign country files the most applications?  Volkswagen Group, BMW Group, Siemens, DaimlerChrysler, BASF…  Yep, Germany.  Germans filed 11,345 U.S. applications yet only received 4,409 registrations.  That’s a relatively high failure rate.  Any ideas why?

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